On my weekend I was playing football with my big brother it was his birthday and the football is big I was riding my bike too it was fun I. Was playing basketball too it was the best my freind got hurt but was okay and I went to the pool I went under water I can swim I did a canyon bomb and I played the ps3 and I played call of duty it is fun.


We have 700 hundred something dollars for snack shack we do it everyday we get more and more we mack more money everyday and we took a silly picture today and a endangerd animals.


On my weekend I went to the strawberry festal and it was fun I like it I got on the helicopter and slide and I did test your strinth and went to get tattoos and it was fun I like it was AWSOME and my grandpa got sick and i did not like it but he got better he got because he was sweting and his shirt got wet and was not good he is the best grandpa ever my tattoo was a black hole but I got it black and red.






We talk about the. nine of cup and it is a boat it is big the rooms are. called a cabin we talk about Marcie. and David's cat how it got sick and they saw some. sharks and some dalpins and whales. and they have something in there boat. called a saloon and the kitchen is called a galley. it is cool and big every thing in the boat is. cool even the cat is cool and. it is a red sorcal on the bed skype is cool.


On my weekend I was. rideing my bike a I was playing 🏈I like.it you might to it is fun I am going to play next year.it will be funny I am good at it I will not get takult. I will juke you out so don't try me and played with nerf guns.


Our pandit ladies are in stage one they will turne in to butterfly that is cool I like it it's going to be fun.


Special Olympic was grat.

Playing with our partner was really cool.we went to go eat when we got done we got on the rock.we went back to school it was the best day.ever I wish we can do that agin one day.i did not like when we came back to school.my partner was a littlen boy he is a good kid he was my partner he's funny he is in kinagarden.my mom came and my baby sister came to I like it the events was fun and cool.


For batering is asking for stuff you shtrd some thing out for some thing else they ask for your stuff you say yes or no yes is nice thing to saywith the class.